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The features you need to manage your farm

The only agricultural application that you can use in the Mobile, Tablet and Computer

You can use Agricolum from anywhere in the world On this application you can do the following:.

Management field notebook
App connected to data Sigpac
Synchronizing information from any device
View current weather and weekly forecast
View history of all tasks performed
Knowing the real-time market price
Export of information in other formats
Importing data DUN
Generation of Holding Notebook



You are in the field and need to know the tasks you did the last years?

Agricolum allows you to view a history at any time, allowing qualevol plot have real-time information of what has been done in previous years..

Spend manage your farm


Keep the most relevant information from your operating on a single page.

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Displays the different tasks quickly

Displays the different tasks quickly

  • Brown - harrow
  • Black - sowing / planting
  • Blue - phytosanitary
  • Yellow - pick
  • Lila - fertilizing
  • Strong Blue - explore

Controls at all times maintain your machinery

Controls at all times maintain your machinery

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We will continue working hard to add new and better features.