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Holding netbook for
Manage your farmers' farms online and easily
Import enclosures from the DUN and generate reports in 2 minutes
Agricolum, the farmers' application

“Agricolum” is an application designed by farmers, for farmers

A multidisciplinary team coming from the countryside, and collaborations with professional farmers, consultants and cooperatives
new features that make document management easier for farms develop One application. website that allows evolving to adapt to the real needs of the farmer and the advisor.

Importing plots from the DUN

Save time, import farm plots form the farmer's DUN.

Advises farmers directly

Give farmers the option to enter all the tasks they perform and advise them at any time.


Generate the reports you are interested in with just one click: field notebook, phytosanitaries, fertilizers, ...

Connect from any device

You can access information from a computer, tablet and mobile

Synchronized with MAPAMA

It has the updated date registry of MAPAMA phytosanitary products

Display on maps

Manage enclosures like you were in the field from SIGPAC basis

What I can do with Agricolum?

We show you the features of Agricolum in the following video: